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SKU: METEOS(Clearance)
$95.00 $65.00
The METEOS 1 measures wind speed and has a temperature sensor to measure air temperature and calculate windchill.
SKU: XPLORER1(Clearance)
$59.00 $39.00
The Skywatch Xplorer 1 Wind Meter is most affordable windspeed device on the market.
SKU: XPLORER2(Clearance)
$69.00 $42.00
The Skywatch Xplorer 2 Wind Meter offers the most popular features in a handheld device, windspeed and temperature, with windchill calculation.
SKU: XPLORER3(Clearance)
$110.00 $59.00
The Skywatch Xplorer 3 Wind Meter's small design is easy to hold, yet tucks away in any pocket.
SKU: XPLORER4(Clearance)
$149.00 $74.00
Skywatch Xplorer 4 Wind Meter is the ultimate in the Windmate series