Delmhorst Wood Moisture Meters

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SKU: J-Lite
Whether you're experienced or just starting out, you can't go wrong with the J-Lite! With J-Lite's unique LED display, you'll be in the know no matter where the job takes you. A great all-around tool for any situation!
Price varies based on options.
Clad in a durable and beautifully finished hardwood case, the RC-1E is classic design and wide moisture measurement range make it a valuable addition to your toolkit. The RC-1E has been a favorite among dry kiln operators for years!
SKU: 79447
Delmhorst's TotalCheck 3-in-1 meter measures moisture by pin and scan modes and features a removable thermo-hygrometer attachment that measures ambient temperature and RH, and calculates dew point and GPP.
SKU: 79442
For flooring contractors, woodworkers, furniture manufacturers, QC inspectors and small mills, the J-2000 helps to keep up with ever-changing job conditions.
SKU: 79424
A tried and true solution for installers, woodworkers, and small shops, the J-4 is a user-friendly meter that youll pick up with ease, but never want to put down!