Scalex Digital Map/PlanWheel

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SKU: 09202000
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The industry standard take-off tool for entering linear measurements from your blueprints, maps, or plans into any Windows program.
SKU: 09200700
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Measure maps the fast, accurate way with the Scalex MapWheel. Measures in miles, kilometers and nautical miles. Here is the perfect tool specifically for taking scaled measurements from maps.
SKU: 09200502
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This stand-alone version offers all the same great features of the PlanWheel XLU2 without the computer interface option.
SKU: 09200550
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Here is the perfect tool for taking scaled measurements from blueprints, maps, and plans. Just select the built-in scale factor to match the plan and roll the PlanWheel XLU2. The measurement is displayed instantly.
SKU: 09202550
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Software to transfer PlanWheel XLU2 measurements into any Windows program using your computers USB port.