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Diameter Tapes

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This diameter tape measures the diameter of a circumference.
SKU: Loggers Combination Diameter/Lenght and Tape
Price varies based on options.
Spencer Combination Logging Tapes are designed with lenght measurements on one side and Diameter Equivalents on the other side.
SKU: 20-MD
This Diameter tape is designed for finding the diameter of a circumference. Handy for measuring piping or trees. Don't let the price fool you ,these are a good quality tape
SKU: Lufkin Dia. Tape
Polished chrome case. Zero falls in the same place on each side of the blade. Conversion from diameter to circumference, simply turn the blade.
SKU: Richter Steel DiaTape
Price varies based on options.
Diameter tapes allow easy diameter measurement with no calculations necessary. Run the tape around the object to be measured and read the diameter directly from the tape.