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Wooden Range Poles
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SKU: PCA-1291
The automatic release for open face corner block (PCA-1270) fits ropes up to 12 mm (1/2'') diameter. This is the perfect device for people pulling logs with a QUAD (ATV).
SKU: PCA-1310
On a QUAD (ATV) or other vehicle, there are no good anchor points. The pulling plate is the ideal hitch anchor for rope or chain. It fits towing balls up to 50 mm (2'') diameter.
SKU: PCA-1295
Made of 6 mm (1/4"), grade 70 steel, the choker chain is equipped with a special C-hook for quick, secure installation and removal and a 30 cm (12") long steel rod letting you slide it easily under logs or through the skidding cone.
SKU: PCA-31650-HG
Ideal to use with a Portable Winch, a QUAD (ATV) or a small tractor. The skidding cone will prevent logs from being stopped by roots, stumps or residual trees.
SKU: PCA-1450-HG
No more sore hands or pigtails caused by steel cables. This replacement ATV winchline is made of synthetic Dyneema SK-75 fibers.