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SKU: 876826
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TheGeoMax Zoom10 Manual Total Stationis what you get when you put affordability and efficiency into one manual total station.
SKU: Zoom 10 and X-PAD Ultimate GO
Call 1-800-561-3600 for Pricing.
X-PAD Ultimate GO is the solution for those who need a simple and flexible field software to be used in all surveying and tracking applications.
SKU: Zoom40
Price varies based on options.
The Zoom 40 has an extended range of up to 11,483 feet. This Total Station features quadruple-axis compensation for reliable angle measurements.
SKU: Zoom50
Price varies based on options.
The Geomax Zoom50 Series Reflectorless Total Station features high performance accXess EDM technology and a smart distance measurement engine that is tailored for outstanding range, speed, and precision.
SKU: Zoom75
Price varies based on options.
The GeoMax Zoom75 Series Robotic Total Station is packed with modern features to meet your surveying needs while remaining surprisingly affordable.