Prism Poles


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SKU: 07-4715 -TMA
The 4715-TMA twist lock prism pole features alternate red and white striped outer pole with anodized graduations in 10ths
SKU: SPN33030-30
$375.00 $275.00
These Prism Poles are the only All-Carbon Fiber poles on the market today!
SKU: SPG33009-30
$225.00 $170.00
Both the poles and locking systems are constructed of sturdy aluminum that are wear resistant for use in harsh conditions
SKU: SPG33001-30
$275.00 $180.00
This Prism Pole is made of non conductive fiberglass, with permanent wear-resistent graduations using a special process.
SKU: SPG33011
$80.00 $50.00
This Mini Prism Pole is just 1.28 feet (0.39 m) tall. Weighs 1.50 lb (0.68 kg) and has a 5/8x11 thread tip.