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SKU: Conway-Cleveland Log Rules
Price varies based on options.
Log rules are used to determine the lumber content of felled logs. Fine hickory and walnut construction with stainless steel oval head. Sharp black figures protected by polyurethane. Figures: 8' thru 20' logs .
SKU: Conway-Cleveland Lumber Scaling Rules
Price varies based on options.
The Conway-Cleveland lumber scaling rules are used to measure the board feet content of sawn lumber. They are the product of many years of experience.
SKU: Fibreglass Metric Log Rulers
Price varies based on options.
This Log Ruler is made of fibreglass with a metal tip for extra protection.
Available in various lenghts
SKU: 160
Call 1-800-561-3600 for Pricing.
Stainless steel go no go finger gauge used to determine lumber thickness.
Measures 3/8" thru 1" in 1/8" increments and 1-1/4" thru 2" in 1/4" increments.
SKU: RES-21-10
This Collapsible Wooden Extension Imperial pulpwood ruler is 5.3ft closed and 10ft opened.