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SKU: NUM-1-4
SKU: Aluminum Tags - Cardboard Backed
Price varies based on options.
Sturdy cardboard backing allows you to permanently emboss aluminum front. Write on cardboard with pen or pencil. 9" Copper wire inserted. Box of 500.
SKU: Aluminum Tags - Double-Faced
Price varies based on options.
Aluminum wrapped cardboard, write or emboss on either side with a pen or pencil. 3" x 7/8", 9" wire. Box of 500.Wires Sold Separately.
SKU: B-XKT-2998-073
Price varies based on options.
These Forestry tags are a durable low-cost tag. They are made of .020" Aluminum. The tags are 3" X 1/2 and embossed with numbers up to 9,999,999.
SKU: 79182
These oval shaped aluminum tags are 2-3/4" long x 1" wide.They are made of .025" thick aluminum with a 0.187" diameter hole.Can be attached with a wire or a nail.Sold 100/Set.