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SKU: 17-645
5-power magnification with 1:100 stadia, 7-3/4" long, with draw tube extending to 8-5/8". Has two-inch radius arc graduated to degrees.
Abney Levels are used in Land Surveying which consists of a fixed sighting tube, and a movable bubble level that is connected to a pointing arm, and a protractor scale.
SKU: 17-640
This level is graduated 0 to90, 0 to 100% on a stationary arc. The vernier reads to 10'. Scale pointer has friction movement. 5"L. Flat base, square brass tube with aluminum arc. The leather arrying case hasa belt loop, snap closure.
SKU: 17-643
K and E type Abney Level, 6-3/8" long, extending to 7-3/8". Equipped with two interchangeable arcs with 47mm (1.85") radius.
SKU: 17-642
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All brass construction, 6-3/8" long, internal focusing telescope. Durable black finish, square sighting tube, and two interchangeable arcs.