Aluminum Calipers

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SKU: 2802
The Bahco Tree Calipers are 50cm long and are constructed of an aluminum shaft with durable plastic jaws. Ideal for educational or ocassional use.
SKU: Haglof Mantax Blue
Price varies based on options.
The Mantax Blue for Excellent Diameter Measuring. With its adjustable jaws and unique design in bright blue, visible colour, the Mantax Bluewill be great for diameter measuring in any environment.
SKU: MDII-Mantax Digitech II
Price varies based on options.
The Digitech Caliper is the perfect choice for storing diameters and heights. The lightweight Digitech is produced in four different lengths and has outstanding communication capacities
Price varies based on options.
The market-leading and technically advanced DP II caliper - program, customize and & accessorize it to fit your exact diameter measuring requirements!
SKU: Gator Eyes
Price varies based on options.
Measure diameters from a distance with the unique Gator Eyes Laser Pointers