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BAP Equipment Ltd now have access to 400,000 products from over 1000 manufacturers, giving you access to a complete line of

Material Handling, Facility Maintenace , Safety, Welding and Industrial Equipment and Supplies.

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- CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE INDUSTRIAL SAFETY CATALOG - Protective Clothing, Respirators, First Aid, Gloves, Eyewear, Spill Kits, Traffic Safety, Warehouse and Facility Equipment and More

- CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MATERIAL HANDLING CATALOG - Warehouse Storage Equipment , Ladders, Platforms, Material Handling Equipment, Shop Furniture, Drum Handling Equipment, Packing Supplies and More!!

- CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE INDUSTRIAL HVAC CATALOG - Portable Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Industrial Fans, Industrial Portable Heaters

- CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE INDUSTRIAL TOOL CATALOG - Heavy Duty Shovels, Roof Rakes, Broadcast Spreaders, Heavy Duty Tarps, Wet/Dry Vacs, Paint Supplies, Industrial Extension Cords, Air Tools, Industrial Work Lights, Tool Storage, Tool Kits, Hand Tools, Socket Sets, Packing and Shipping Supplies, Welding Supllies and More!!

- CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SUPPLIES CATALOGIndustrial Garbage Bags, Hazardous Materials Waste Bags, Garbage Cans, Facility Maintenance Cleaning Kit, Floor Signs, Hand Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Gloves, Industrial Wet/Dry Vacs and More!!


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SKU: CH210
This unique design holds the saw in next to your center of gravity and prevents it from bouncing or swinging as you move over rough terrain.
Explore More Fishing Locations with this Tough As Nails Fishing Kayak!
SKU: SS004231001 MCFT
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The ultimate in professional mirror sighting compasses, the MC-2D Navigator from Suunto offers an additional sighting hole for superior bearing accuracy, adjustable declination, and a built-in clinometer.